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Learning DevelopmentCentre

Kennedy University's learning development centre aims to support its staff and faculty members to become true professionals in their respective fields. We offer a range of courses and organize various interactive sessions to create new and responsive learning opportunities for them. We help them to stay updated about the latest trends in teaching which makes their online teaching a rewarding experience for them.

Our vision for learning development is centered on three inter-related principles:

Partnership - learning is conversation:

Clearning development is about dialogue and understanding. In the LDC, we work with Schools and other services as partners, advising them on how to enhance the learner experience.

Play - learning is fun:

By 'play' we mean that learning should be fun for all. We encourage supported and managed experimentation with different techniques and tools for learning.

Practice - learning is development:

Learning needs to be applied and embedded in practice. We need to be able to measure and benchmark our achievements, be honest about the challenges and realistic about resources required to support learning development activities.

Our vision is to support the creation of a learning organization where learning and teaching is respected and valued; where staff and learners engage in dialogue about how to create innovative and quality learning opportunities.

Academic Practice Program

  • Demonstrate a range of skills related to academic practice that can be enhanced and applied in both a specific and general education context.
  • Develop as a reflective practitioner who engages with appropriate and relevant research and literature.
  • Promote evidence-led innovation and change in academic practice.
  • Critically evaluate current practice and identify opportunities for innovation, change or sharing good practice.